Long Story Short, It all started when, one fine night, Bhargav aka the founder dreamt of Albert Einstein giving him the tips to be a genius, he shares this story with a friend Ketki aka Sister then, the co-founder now. They then decided that they are born for a reason, a reason which is far more important and meaningful. Eureka! The reason was to make the web and mobile technology easy and accessible for everyone.

We love to be ahead of the curve and make sure that our clients are our partners. Experimenting with design, technology has been our passion since the very beginning.

We are making the strong client base and the reason for this is we provide cost efficient software & website development which is customized for the clients. The designing & development done by us is successfully in following ways:

  • Easy to use, user friendly interface.
  • Removes the load of searching the paper by getting digital.
  • Get all kind of reports & analysis at your finger tips.
  • Represent to the world in the most impact full way.
  • Spread your business in the world.
  • Save the time by using our application and utilize that time in your company growth.

We are not an IT Company

There’s honestly nothing wrong being called an IT Company, but we aren’t them! We are a Laboratory, with a bunch of geniuses around, who would love to be a part of your success story.

We Work for our Partners

We constantly believe in delivering results, results that replicate and improvise your need. We always strive for adding value to your work. Hence your work is our work!

What we do?

With growing network of business on the internet, B-Ingenious need to grow as well with the world technology. The services that are provided by us are:

  • Software Development: Developing the customized application for the customers according to their requirement and satisfaction.
  • Website Designing and Application: Developing E-Commerce solution, customizing the application for the online purpose use, with creative and decent web design.
  • Bulk SMS: Promotional SMS: The promotional SMS are used for marketing and promotion of any kind of goods or services. Transactional SMS: The transactional SMS are used for sharing the particular detail with our customer, e.g. For the acknowledgment of the payment, Reminder, Birthday wishes, etc.